Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gave in to the Dark Side

Subject: Cinema
Quite a ways back I had mentioned that I saw the snazzy new DVD re-release of "The Empire Strikes Back", and that while I thought it was one of the best looking DVDs I'd ever seen, I wasn't quite interested in buying the whole set because I wasn't interested in the changes Lucas made to the other two.

Well, during the DDD sale, I "gave into my hate", so to speak. Well, actually, the opposite -- I "got over" my hate. (Serves me right for trying to extend the pun past it's breaking point).

Anyway, I watched all three (no, not all at once; spread out over a couple of days). And they were pretty freakin' good. I mean, yeah, "IV" (which I'll always still call #1) was the same hokey classic I remember standing in line for twice. And "Jedi" had all the damn cross-merchandising teddybears and stupid music replacements. But I guess there was a reason I liked them way back when, and a reason that they're such mega-blockbusters. They're still entertaining.

I wish I could say the same for the latest trilogy. Well, the first two installments of it, at least. I'll be waiting for the DVD of the "Noooooooo!" installment before I totally condemn the whole thing I suppose.

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