Friday, July 01, 2005

Lucifer drives a Ferrari?

Subject: Noir
Or something like that... My ability to ID exotic cars is a little lacking.

Of course, I'm talking about "Revolutionary Girl: Utena" disc 6. Which may, finally, have been the disc to keep me from complaining so much about the series overall!

I had hope when I saw that the title of the disc was "The Beginning of the End". Hooray! That hope was nearly dashed in the first episode, which was kind of a recap episode, including my two least favorite and most absurd episodes. *sigh*. But for the 2nd episode, there was a subtle, but welcomingly refreshing, change. Even the same-ol'-same-ol' repetitive sequences were altered a bit.

It could be that after 6 discs worth, my familiarity with the characters and the setting is finally wearing me down enough that I be a little more receptive to some of the clues that were being flung about. Or after all the other anime I'm watching, I'm able to appreciate it's more unique qualities a little better. But I really think that once it shook loose the tedious trappings of that last arc, it probably opened up a bit for me.

I still can't say that I'm able to explain what's going on or anything like that, but at least hanging on for the ride isn't so mind-numbingly dense anymore. I actually want to know what happens next! Wow.

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