Monday, July 25, 2005

Mashimo's "IGPX" is available for download?!?!

Subject: Noir
So there's been some buzz about the fact that Production I.G. and the Cartoon Network are bringing back the "Immortal Gran Prix" series. Which was one of those on the ANN Bee Train credits list that I figured I'd never get a chance to see. A handful of very short 5-minute episodes that ran on Toonami once upon a time.

Reading the I.G. forums, though, someone pointed to the "Toonami Arsenal" download site. Wow, they're really there for the taking! English dubs, of course. The credits don't specifically mention Bee Train, but they do have Koichi Mashimo there.

The new I.G. production doesn't have any hint of Bee Train involvment either (not that I've gone through the trouble to cross-reference every name yet... maybe some day). But I guess Bee Train is pretty well occupied otherwise.

So anyway, now I feel like I've found hidden treasure. Yay me!

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