Sunday, July 17, 2005

Random cartoonery

Subject: Noir
My anime-watching seems to all lump together during the weekend, it seems...

First up, I gave "Tide Line Blue" a spin. Post-apocolyptic submarine story; hard to go wrong with something like that, eh? I can't say the first episode particularly sucked me in, though. But it didn't bore me either, so I'm going to give it a few more before I decide what I think about it.

Next, disc 3 of "Chrono Crusade" -- I seem to be taking a long time between discs for this one, and it takes me a while to try and figure out who was who and can do what how, etc. etc. -- but it's not in anyway a deep or cryptic story, so it isn't too hard to pick it up. It's still moderately entertaining and imaginative, but it isn't really doing much for me to make me really want to rush and get the next disc to the top of my rental queue.

This morning I started off, as tradition dictates, with the latest "Tsubasa Chronicle", which finished off the arc with the kidnapped children and whatnot; the arc that I thought was over at the end of the last episode, that is. It's pretty much just continuing on it's merry way, giving a couple of clues here and there, and showing the main relationship getting stronger and stronger. But not much more for me to comment on at this point, either good or bad.

Finally, the last two episodes of "Emma". It pretty much ended as I figured it would. It was nice to get the rest of Emma's backstory filled, and everything was rather solidly done, but it didn't provoke a whole lot of emotion in me one way or the other. Still, it was a good series overall.

That's about it. Kind of a mediocre run, I guess. Nothing inspiring me much.

In other news, I got word that episode 11 of Meine Liebe is getting a little further, so sometime this week maybe keep your eyes open for it.

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