Sunday, July 17, 2005

Three seasons of "Tsubasa Chronicle"??

Subject: Noir
I know a LiveJournal blog isn't the most authoritative of sources, but that never stopped me before.

Anyway, according to an interpretation of an ad for trading cards, there are going to be three seasons total for Tsubasa, running through 2007.

However, on the AnimeSuki thread where I first saw the news, there's some debate as to whether or not the ad actually says that or not.

I'll have to admit, I think it's rather out-of-character for Mashimo & Bee Train to make a series go that long. Of course, that isn't to say that Bee Train actually gets to do more than one season... if there is, in fact, going to be more seasons. That said, "Spider Riders" is supposed to go 52 episodes, so maybe that's all changed.

I wish I had access to better sources so I could finally know just what the hell it is I'm talking about for once.


Anonymous said...

It was me who passed the little ad to Chibi Yuuto.^_^ At first I didn't know how to interpret that sentence(I can read a little of Japanese),then I went on some japanese bbs and everybody was saying that the ad meant that Tsubasa is going to have 2 more seasons.Someone on those bbs even made that little scheme Chibi Yuuto posted on his LJ,indeed I referred to him as I've read it.It was discussed even on "Tsubasa To...",the bigger japanese fan site about I think that if the japanese people themselves have understood that,the probability that we're not mistaken is high.;)By the way,the ad says that the new seasons will be made in block of 26 episodes per each season..(I hope I said it in a comprehensible way,sorry @_@) Maybe it's not that weird for Bee Train to keep a pace of 26 episodes per year...but you're way more expert than me here.;)
I am actually happy if it's really like this,because 26 episodes were way too few to develop the story in a good way..and since I like Bee Train and Mashimo's work,why not enjoy it longer?^_^

Fellini 8.5 said...

That's a great find!

Can you post the urls to the Japanese forum posts that you found any of this information in? While I can't read Japanese myself, between Bablefish and you and other readers, I'm sure we can glean some good tidbits out of it!

Oh, and if you have time, can you please keep your eyes on those posts to see if there's any confirmation that Bee Train really is continuting the series, or for any other dorky technical detail you can dig up? I'm really interested in sources of information beyond my usual tiny list of sites I visit.

Anonymous said...

Sure ^_^ Here it is the link to the main discussion on Tsubasa To:
The homepage of Tsubasa To is ^_^ the other bbs are in what I call "the jungle", better known as 2ch...this is the thread where I first read about the ad that was put on Bidders: Start reading from post 863,although the maximum number of posts allowed has been reached,so better hurry up until they'll erase the thread.:/
Good luck with Babelfish...^_^" its translations are a bit weird..XDD