Friday, August 19, 2005

AnimeOnDVD -- Two "MADLAX" reviews in a week!

Subject: Noir
Apparently they had some catching up to do, so they've caught all the way up.

Lots of "fanservice"-this, and "hated episode 1"-that, but an overall liking of the series thus-far, and I'm glad about that.

Because, obviously, I need my obsession validated by the opinions of random internet reviewers, or something... *Ahem*

(Sorry, needing coffee this morning...)


KT Kore said...

Ah, episode one... The episode that nearly made me skip an amazing series. That episode one was such a jokester, he was... I told him he shouldn't have started out that way, but noooooo, episode one wouldn't listen to senile, 20 year-old KT. He insisted on starting out with no foundation for anything and having a girl prance around in a dress, killing trained soldiers without even trying, while thinking of pasta.

Oh episode one, when will you ever learn? *campy laughter*

Fellini 8.5 said...

I dance with the tanks,
Black dress, white dress, and no dress.
Pasta for dinner!

KT Kore said...

Well-done on the haiku there. =P