Thursday, August 04, 2005

Continuing saga, and revisitation

Subject: Noir
Since I'm taking a couple of "days off" (which means, I'm only working a little bit), I'm doing some rare "mid-week" watching.

First up, the latest episode of "Monster" (#59, I think). The current bodyguard arc continues, and there's a rather intense psychological moment in there that seems really simple on the surface, but the twistedness of what they're actually doing is really quite interesting. Again, if you haven't started this show, well... what are you waiting for??

Then I rounded off the evening by finishing my re-watch of disc 1 of "The Irresponsible Captain Tylor". I picked up the new box set once it was released early last month, and it's chock-full of extras (like a booklet with a Mashimo interview, which I'll be "reporting" on once I get the fansite rolling), and a lot of extra video and a music CD that I haven't even looked at yet. The main DVDs themselves aren't particularly improved over the originals -- the video is still kind of bleh, and no enhancements to the audio. The menus are a bit annoying, and it's easy to miss that there are actually seven episodes on the first disc.

Still, like I reviewed before, this is a charming, quirky show and I hope the second time through lets me pick up on anything I missed the first time around.

That's all for now. I'm hoping there's a copy of "Steamboy" at Blockbuster today so I can watch that tonight. Otherwise, I've got "Utena" disc 9, and another disc of "Nadia" to get through as well.

(Oh, and an episode of "Meine Liebe" to time! Forgot about that one, haven't ya?)

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