Friday, August 05, 2005

Finally getting somewhere...

Subject: Noir
"Revolutionary Girl: Utena" disc 9, the second-to-last disc, is finally, finally starting to mean something.

I mean, yeah, it's still steeped in WTF-ness, but for once it's actually crafting the real rules of this f*'ed little universe instead of blathering and posing about it. Of course, there was plenty of (shirtless) blathering and (shirtless) posing, but at least there was something a little more relevatory going on.

The disc's title, of course, was "Revelations". It should have been "Skip to This Disc if You Want an Actual Story".

Well, okay, that's a little harsh. This damn series brings out the sarcastic SOB in me for some reason. And yet, I don't hate it. I'm just eternally annoyed by it. I still really appreciate just how "different" it is, but Geez Louise, it gets tiresome being beat about the head with blunt symbolism with no forward momentum to make it connect in any way. Though I still think that they've only gone and connected everything in parallel from the actual symbolism; so that symbolism is still a blunt-trauma force to smack you around, yet the "plot" is there kind of because it was really long overdue and it probably needed one eventually. Or something like that.

Anyway, one more disc and I can be done with this one! And it's shipping as of today, so I should be able to see it next week. And I do want to see just WTF is about to go down. Twisted though it may be.

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