Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Forgetting to follow up

Subject: Noir
Oh, right, I forgot to post about "Samurai Champloo".

Well, really there isn't an awful lot to post. It's still cool, it's still fun, it's still... well... going. Since disc 4 seems to be the start of the "2nd season", you can tell that some of the artwork has changed. Subtley. Fuu in particular looked a little off-model in a lot of shots. But not glaringly so; I only notice it because that sort of thing got drilled in my head back in school.

But beyond that, the journey continues, nothing really "advances" per se. But more intersting characters and scenarios. And a lot of fun moments.

I'm going to try and finally see the latest "Tsubasa" and "Monster" episodes this evening. That is, if I'm not caught up in working on the fansite like I was last night.

(no, there's no visible progress; I've got everything on my development box right now -- I'm going to overhaul it totally because I don't like where I was heading with the old design)

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