Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gasp! "MADLAX" in the New York Times!

Subject: Noir
Well, it's actually a short little article about ADV releasing BitTorrents of promos, but there's a pic of Madlax herself. Here's the relevant bit:

In late July, as a test, ADV released a trailer for the series "Madlax" through BitTorrent. The positive response led the company to assemble more extensive packages for "Gilgamesh" and "Goddanar" that include biographical information about the characters, images and statistics of the giant robots, promotional clips and links to online reviews.

Dossiers about giant robots might not seem like the highest calling to which 21st-century technology can be put, but as an act of electronic rehabilitation, it was a big step forward. "The response to the 'Madlax' trailer was just phenomenal," [ADV's John] Williams said. "People were excited to see us using this technology in a legitimate way." Especially lawyer people.

So the promo release received a "positive", nay "phenomenal" response. Cool. I hope that means more "MADLAX" viewers, leading to more, well... Bee Train fans! *smirk*

(UPDATE: I've rambled on more about the topic in the BTF forum...)

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