Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Subject: Noir
Okay, it's silly, but I want to start working "Hyuu!" into my everyday conversation. I mean heck, if Kurogane can start saying it, why shouldn't I? *ahem*

Of course, I'm talking about "Tsubasa Chronicle" episode 17, which I finally just got around to seeing.

First, here's what I hated, hated, hated: those damned "super-deformed" reaction shots. They. Do. Not. Fit. I know there's probably some big reasons why they're in there (kid's show, CLAMP property, whatever), but they just stick out clumsily in a Bee Train show and are more embarrasing than humorous.

Of course, I never really liked that sort of thing anyhow... Meh.

What I liked: the little clues of Syaoran's backstory. It hints at something really big and sinister behind all this -- which the creepy watcher guy hasn't really been able to provide thus far.

Anyway, that, and I'm really liking our 4 (well, okay, 4 1/2) main characters. I can't quite put my finger on it, but a word that pops into my head is "trustworthy". Interesting. Not exactly the first trait I'd list as an attribute of characters I'd like in fiction, but that little word-association exercise doesn't usually lie.

So, this week I'm happy with the series. Hopefully it will continue along that path.

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