Saturday, August 20, 2005

More about "MADLAX"

Subject: Noir
So I just finished watching all 3 discs in a row (go figure)...

I've mentioned before how awesome the color is, and the overall camerawork; but I think I've forgotten about the lighting. It's really obvious in episode 2 when Margaret runs into Carrosear, but quite present throughout. It's part of the whole cinemetographic approach that Mashimo's stuff has, as opposed to the "manga" approach most everything else does. The manga stuff tends to focus more on the narrative, albiet wrapped in cool poses. "Cinema" takes a lot more visual elements into account and tells the story without so many words.

Or so my snobbish film-school tendencies tell me. *ahem*

(I'm this close to starting up "Noir" as a follow-on. Good thing I feel a little sleepy!)

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