Monday, August 29, 2005

Rest of the weekend...

Subject: Noir
My HTPC (that is, the computer I have hooked up to my HDTV) decided to totally sieze up yesterday, which is ticking me off to no end because I just got it situated in it's space and got all the wires secured and neat and clean. Which is, of course, the exact moment any computer will fail -- when you make it difficult to access.

I managed to catch "Tsubasa Chronicle" episode 19 and "Zipang" episode 3 just before that. "Tsubasa" continued to be pretty good in that we get a bit more of Fay's background and some well-done action sequences. My only problem with it is that too many new characters were thrown at us all at once. And all of them were presented in a sort of smug "you should know who they are" assumption of having actually bothered with anything CLAMP-y beforehand. That's not too big a deal in and of itself; it's just a little tiny bit alienating in some ways. I'll get over it.

And I'm just going to have to stop reading the AnimeSuki thread, as it's full of young manga readers going and spoiling some of the subtler bits. As I'm all about the subtler bits, it's a little annoying, to say the least. That said, it's still my best source of breaking news at this time. Maybe I need to look for a better source.

Anyway, on to "Zipang" -- I pretty much stopped at episode 2 quite a while ago and didn't really miss it. Then as I noticed that more episodes were being subbed finally, and remembering it was definitely not a silly or juvenile show, I decide to try it again. And now I remember why I wasn't really bothering with it: it's kind of lacking. I mean yeah, there's the time-tested time-travel paradox and all it's implications therin, and the whole old-culture vs. new-culture, and even some attempts at suspense, but still... it's lacking. In general. Maybe I'll give it a couple of more tries to see if it opens up. I kind of doubt it though.

Plus I have to get that damned PC operational again! Argh!

Finally, I also squeezed in disc 6 of "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water". The first two episodes end the big main arc, and it was pretty good (even though I kind of figured out the big "secrets" on my own). Then it starts the notorious "Island" arc. Which is kind of a descent into cartoony weirdness. And supposedly I'll have to hold out until disc 9 in order to get back to anything with some semblance of the quality of the first set of discs. *Sigh* I suppose I can manage it.

Otherwise, not much else beside's HBO's new miniseries "Rome", which I'll probably post about after I see a couple of more episodes. Quick impressions: good looking production qualities, detailed atmosphere (including a lot of the, uh, "bawdiness" of ancient Roman culture), performances seem pretty good, but not sure if there's anything to grab on to just yet. Promising, though.


Anonymous said...

Ow,you really had that impression,about this Tsubasa's episode?o.o obviously I couldn't feel that because I read the manga,but I didn't know all of them when I've first read this part,to tell you the truth..and it didn't bother me so much.^_^ Outo arc was Clamp's playground I believe,because they threw in a huge amount of characters :P did you like the girl's song?I really did.^_^ and the mysterious guy's appearance?I swear I had a tiny shiver of emotion watching that scene,because Kajiura's music was perfect and those cherry blossom dancing around...ah,loved it.^_^

Fellini 8.5 said...

Y'know, with all those characters thrown at me, I had forgotten about the song. :(

I liked the juxtaposition between the song and the fight, but I really didn't follow the lyrics at all. I'm pretty bad at that; I suppose I'll watch them more closely whenever I get to rewatch this to see what it's trying to reveal.

Come to think of it, this episode was jam-packed with all sorts of information that I had a hard time keeping up with on a lazy Sunday morning. Almost the exact opposite of something like one of those earlier episodes. :)