Thursday, August 11, 2005

The return of "Galact-oh-yeah"

Subject: TV
So tomorrow should bring the third episode of the second season of the remade series "Battlestar Galactica", and I'm quite enjoying it. Much like I did the first season. Unlike the cheesy Hollywood fare that I apparently can't stand (given my previous post), this one has a bit of a subversive charm to it. Even if it is really just more popcorn escapism. It just seems that someone with talent and a little vision is able to hold off the committee long enough to actually accomplish something. Yay for them!

I've also resumed watching "Startgate SG-1" after skipping it for a couple of years. Now the two leads from "Farscape" are in it, and everything's kind of different, but sort of the same, and, well... It's not too bad. Well, except for that smug "we-all-know-there's-a-real-God-though" tacked on after a long diatribe about how beings with powers are false gods, and whatnot. Totally lame, and reeked of the production execs trying to CYA.

Anyway, besides "The Daily Show", that's the only TV I've been watching. It's all dreck otherwise. And don't get me started on Al Gore's new network, "Current TV". Why he'd go and destroy the one remaining decent news channel and air something that's even lamer than MTV, well... It would figure.

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