Sunday, August 21, 2005

"Tsubasa Chronicle" returns!

Subject: Noir
After a multi-week baseball-induced hiatus, my "Sunday morning ritual" resumes once again with "Tsubasa Chronicle" episode 18. Ahh. That feels better!

And it pretty much continues on. I was kind of dissappointed that it seemed to be over so quickly, though. Sure, there were a couple of plot-points revealed, but they were pretty mild, and not much of a surprise. Still, as I've said before, there are great little "moments" in this show, so I'll just keep riding along from moment to moment.

And what was with that "groovy" little bit of soundtrack when Syaoran & Sakura were alone in the store? I half-expected a little bit of Barry White vocals to start up for a minute there! Heh.


Anonymous said...

Hi there!;) after almost a month of vacation I'm back home,finally!and watched the 2 episodes of Tsubasa I missed...This will be definitely a great arc,really!Outo arc is the most loved by the fans,in the manga,but the anime version will not disappoint me,I'm sure...and the part I was waiting for,the sad part were sakura is one step away to regain her memories of Syaoran, is very touching...very well-made,I'm satisfied with that!^_^ I'm just disappointed that the most funny scene,where everybody get drunk(Sakura included,she's so cute when she's drunk!XD)surely will not be animated,but that's not Bee Train's's NHK's,with the decision to keep Tsubasa a "kid's show"..=_= but let's not be discouraged!;) It's arriving a very important character that played an important part in Syaoran's past,I wonder what will you think about him...;)

Fellini 8.5 said...

I'm completely and utterly jealous of the holiday time y'all get over in Europe. Of course with my current obsessiveness, I'd probably just waste it watching DVDs. :P

As much as I try to avoid reading manga spoilers, I did hear about the "drunk" bit, and it's hard to say if that's something that is actually so verboten in Japan or not that it would be completely nixed in a kid's show.

But as far as "people from the past" are concerned, I'm looking forward to it, because the backstory seems to hold the most interesting mysteries here; much moreso than trying to find the individual feathers.