Saturday, August 13, 2005


Subject: Noir
The "Revolutionary Girl: Utena" finale. Disc 10.


Okay, so, it was about to end like the best ending ever*... And then, it was like, "Whaaa?". And then, it was like "Whoa."

I'm confused.

I've read about "love-hate" reactions to different series: some love it, some hate it. This is the first (anime) series that I both love and hate simultaneously.

It's something, all right. I probably need to watch it again to see if there are any clues early-on, but frankly, at this time, I really want to be done with it for a while. I think my frustration with it outweighs my curiousity.

I think the only way I'll buy it is if there's an "Eva"-like remastering. Like I've said before, I really appreciate the fact that it's "different", but...

I mean...


(* excluding a certain Bee Train series or two... yada yada yada...)

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