Saturday, September 03, 2005

ADV Labor Day sale

Just a head's-up, ADV is having what appears to be a blow-out sale of what just might be their entire back catalog. Noir discs for $6 ($9 for the first w/ box & t-shirt!), and lots like that. Not all series seem to be complete, though.

There's a couple that I'm finding a bit tempting but would not have considered owning otherwise, like "Sorcerer Hunters" and "Najica Blitz Tactics". Hmm.

EDIT: "Noir" lunchbox for $6?? Playing cards $2? Why am I considering buying a lunchbox??

UPDATE: 2 "Noir" Tshirts, "Noir" playing cards, the 3 "Sorcerer Hunters" so-called "Essentials" discs, The "Original Dirty Pair #3" OAV that Mashimo directed, "Voices of a Distant Star", and an ADV Tshirt. $50 for everything.

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