Thursday, September 15, 2005

AnimeOnDVD reviews "MADLAX" disc 4

Subject: Noir
A good review; you can tell that Chris Beveridge is really starting to get into it after not particularly liking the beginning:
"When I first saw Madlax it was something I wasn't interested in seeing any more of. But as I've gotten further into the show it's becoming more and more engaging and it reminds me more and more of the kind of anime I like. Series that don't have the majority of revelations in the first few episodes but rather something that builds up over time and plays out at its own pace without trying to be the next big thing. This is definitely a show I'm glad I didn't give up on because of the first episode or even the first volume. Every volume now has me on the edge of my seat as it delves more into the truths behind the story."

To quote an old friend of mine:
"If you're not on the edge of your seat, your chair is too long!"

(And guess who gets the honor of "worst-named character ever"? C'mon, just guess!)

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