Monday, September 19, 2005

A different "Hyuu"... plus: "She's Huuuge!"

Subject: Noir
When episode 22 of "Tsubasa Chronicle" wasn't available first thing Sunday morning, I was a bit disappointed, and dug around my archive to see what I could watch in it's place. Sunday morning breakfast with anime -- I can't break that ritual.

So I realized I hadn't watched "Popolocrois Story" in a while. It's an early Bee Train series that is pretty much "kids' show". Cloying opening & closing music, and cutesy & somewhat simplified overall with respect to the characters and story; still there's a little spark of interest to it. It's got that little bit of cinematic flair, and in places, the animation is rather good.

In particular, a sequence that completely caught me off guard on Saturday morning was in episode 8. "Hyuu" is the name of one of the characters, a young girl of a lost race called "Wind-kind" -- which essentially means she can fly. And in this scene, she was doing an air ballet that, for what would otherwise be a simple children's show, was amazing!

And to top it off, the story is into this arc of betrayal and a bit of a dramatic edge that, while not at a deep grownup level, is still rather surprisingly involving.

So my advice -- skip the OP & ED, and give this little underrated effort a go. After a few episodes, the cloyingly-sweet aspects are tempered by a rather creative, yet simple story and interesting-to-watch characters.

Eventually, "Tsubasa" 22 made it, so I got to watch it last night. The "She's Huge!" line really cracked me up, though I suppose it would have been more of a joke if I knew what the character was from. Plus there were other great little moments -- I really like how lil' Sakura is animated in the flashbacks; she's so expressive.

Overall it was a little unsatisfying, though. The story was pretty much just setting the stage for what they seem to be billing as a big confrontation, so I was left with the feeling of "that was it?" I guess I thought there'd be a little more revealed at this point. Oh well, maybe next week. But I get a sense that all we're going to get is a big set-up for the next season. I'm just hoping there's at least a ".hack//SIGN" moment of closure; yeah the whole story is left wide open, but on a character level you're satisfied with what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Ahahah,that part cracked me up too,you know?XD She's Sumomo from Chobits,and she originally was a small small computer with human form ;)that's why seeing her so huge was more than a joke to Clamp fans..but you have a good intuition for having guessed it right!;)
Tell me about little Sakura, she's an're right,she's expressive and(I guess for me is very important)she's just the little Sakura I have always known from CCS..I love Bee Train for having treated her so carefully,keeping all the little things that makes her personality,which doesn't change even if it's another anime.;)
I guess Mashimo wants to keep us in suspance..because at this point,in the manga,something about Seishirou was told,but from the preview seems like the big things will happen in the next episode.More reasons to look forward to it!^_^ Last but not least,it seems like episode 26 will be an original from Bee Train..anyone can't recognize if it will be inspired by the manga..the title is quite maybe what you're searching for will be granted!;)