Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Finish what I start, start what I can't finish...

Subject: Noir
Okay, I managed to get through "Escaflowne" last night. While I'm not exactly excited or enthralled with it, I'm still finding it interesting overall. It's got a few surprisingly "alive" moments here and there that really carry it through.

I also remembered that "Hitomi" was the name of the Japanese exchange student back in high school that I had a bit of a crush on, once upon a time. Ah, nostalgia.

I went from there to episode 62 of "Monster", which, of course, continues to steamroll it's way to a climax. More threads are created, some others are tied together. I just wish I was able to keep these coming on a regular basis; the amount of time between releases unfortunately has a bit of a dulling effect on my anticipation, which I think would have been half the fun, if my experience with "MADLAX" last year would be any indication.

On Marta's urging, I also gave "Fantastic Children" episode 1 a quick spin. This is licensed now and awaiting release, so I promised myself I would only sample it to see if it was worth waiting for. And I've got to admit, it seemed very interesting. A different character style than typical anime, almost reminiscent of "Now and Then, Here and There" (though there doesn't seem to be any connection whatsover). The story definitely had a unique hook. So, I'm definitely going to look forward to renting it once it hits the shelves, and then determine if it's purchase-worthy shortly thereafter.

Finally, I'm in the middle of rewatching both "The Irresponsible Captain Tylor" box set whenever I get a chance, and ".hack//SIGN" for my morning workout. No new relevations about them that I haven't already posted about, but I figured I'd at least mention that I was in the middle of 'em. Again.

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maromi said...

Fantastic Children is magnificent. Strong characters, brilliant twists, epic storyline, exceptional voice acting from Junko Minagawa, and gorgeous music. The only downside is the animation. It can be a bit...ugly at times. And the show does take a little while to start up, which can be irritating since little of what is happening is explained. Other than that, it's a compelling, old school style anime.