Saturday, September 24, 2005

It's cool, daddy-o...

Subject: Noir
There's really nothing more I can say about "Cowboy Bebop" that I haven't already said at one point or another. I know it took me a little bit to give myself over to it's totally overwhelming coolness, but since I was converted, I can only continue to marvel at it.

The new "Remix" discs still have the same crappy dot-crawly composite video transfer. Which is a royal shame. An "Evangelion"-style remaster would be totally stupendous and have me yammering on like a total idiot.

Well, moreso than usual.

That all said, even though I've already seen 2 of the first disc's episodes in 5.1 surround-sound glory with the "Best Sessions" release last year, I was still very pleased to have decent, clear, subwoofer-thumping cool emenating from my trusty old Polks. The music is such a key ingredient to this series, and it doesn't ever dissappoint. And the dialouge and effects are punchy-keen and completely immersive, which only enhances the fantastic attention-to-detail and pop-art styling of the visuals.

Anyway, I can't wait to finish collecting the rest of this release, and, some day, should an actual video remaster actually make it's way to market, I will be more than happy to double-dip. This is one of a very special few series that would be worth it.

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