Monday, September 05, 2005

I've lost count...

Subject: Noir
...of the number of times I've been through "Noir".

It's the single-most important series I've ever seen. It has the largest impact of any show on me that there ever was. And I can't help but feel every shot, every moment, every time I watch it.

It's no wonder I can't bring myself to watch it anymore unless I make a big commitment to seeing it all the way through. I couldn't watch it all at once last night, and had to continue it this evening. Which I wanted to do, but it made all of the day entirely useless to me. I was restless, un-inspired, until I could guarantee myself the opportunity to keep going with the task at hand: rewatching my most favorite show ever.

It's very much over a year since I realized what an obsession I have with "Noir", and I'm still sobbing over the end like I first saw it. I'm still stuck with the various subtlties that drag me in so deeply every time I subject myself to this show.

And really, though... It's not all that special in the big-picture view of it.

It is to me, but overall, it really isn't that big a deal. But it's everything to me, and I can't help but be totally overwhelmed by it despite the fact that this is probably my 15th time through it.

I'm trying to establish a better objective distance to it, but I'm not there yet. Maybe next year. But not right now.

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Anonymous said...

This November will be 2 years since I first watched Noir, but I've only seen it three times since then.
It was one of the first anime series I saw and made a very lasting inpression on me.
Now I've seen close to 100 anime series, and this one is still one of my absolute favourites.