Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Just another 'MADLAX' Monday"

Subject: Noir
Yay, my copy of "MADLAX" vol. 4 showed up yesterday!


I didn't watch it. *sniff*

Actually, I have a good reason -- I'm taking a long weekend starting Friday, and I'm going to watch all 4 of 'em. Then, of course, I will follow on with Yet Another Rewatch of... you guessed it: "Noir".

After all, it's a "special occasion".

In other watching news, I actually did finish up disc 2 of "Texhnolyze", and though there were a couple of parts that seemed interesting, and even though it pretty much fits the definition of a serious show with a multifaceted storyline, it's really not trying very hard to bring me in to it. In fact, it's like it's trying to actively push me away. I mean, "gritty" is all well and good, but if that's all ya got, well, I'm going to want to seek that kind of "atmosphere" in something a little more fulfilling, or at least a little more sympathetic.

I'll stick with it for one more disc to see if there's a turning point, but otherwise I'll probably leave it half-finished for a while before I get back to it.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah... Tex is not the most rewarding show in an emotional sense, and you sort of have to actively get yourself into it. But artistically speaking it has few parallels. For me the show started picking up when Touyama was introduced, but the way the conclusion unfolded was what made the biggest impression on me. Speaking generally, the show's allegorical overtones kind of estrange the characters from the viewer, which can make it a difficult watch.

Not for everyone. I loved it, but even so it'll be a while before I work up to seeing it again. :)