Thursday, September 29, 2005

More about "Mirror Mask"

Subject: Noir
I posted before about being pleasantly surprised by the "Mirror Mask" trailer I saw on one of the hi-def channels. Wired Magazine is running a short interview with Dave McKean about how he made it.

Hilights: A mere $4 million budget. A crew of "15 fresh-out-of-art-school animators". "Over-the-counter-software"...
I'm not sure if everyone gets just how radical that is -- that some unknown filmmaker can buy a Mac and buy Maya and convert stuff from his imagination onto the screen without spending $100 million.

Hmm, now I've got gears churning in my head. Of course, I'd find it a little easier to "convert stuff from my imagination" if I were the one creating "Sandman" over the past 10 years... but still...

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