Friday, September 02, 2005

Status report

Subject: Musings
I didn't really get a chance to watch anything last night; I spent the whole evening rebuilding my HTPC with spiffy new components. I can be such a geek when it comes to this stuff.

But related to some old posts of mine, the new Nvidia codec combined with a GeForce 6600 vid card actually does a decent job of adaptive deinterlacing on anime discs. So for once, you can actually get a computer to stop with the damn combing already. It still has other minor playback issues such that it will never supplant the mighty Denon 3910, but it's pleasing enough. And it is definitely a fansub-playing powerhouse in and of itself.

Not that I'm watching a lot of fansubs. Hrm.

I've also broken into the world of QAM digital cable tuning with a Dvico Fusion 5 card. It's a bit buggy, but I'm actually able to tune an HD CBS feed out of Syracuse (saw a bit Letterman in hi-def), which is a bit of a big deal seeing as the Rochester CBS station has won't have HDTV over cable for quite a while, if ever.

Not that I'm watching much if any CBS. Ahem.

If you don't know what anything I posted here means, trust me, you don't want to. Lame geeky obscure tech jargon. But if you happen to be exploring the same technology and have some questions, let me know.

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