Sunday, September 11, 2005

Weekend watch

Subject: Noir
A quiet weekend for me this time, as I tried to enjoy what may be the last sunny, warm stretch of the season. I probably should have been doing more yardwork to take advantage of that, but, hey, that's no fun.

For rentals, I had volumes 4 of both "Twelve Kingdoms" and "Vision of Escaflowne". "Twelve Kingdoms" seems to have started a new arc. And it's all well and good, and intersting storytelling and all that. Like I've said before, not having much grounding on Japanese or other Asian mythologies makes a lot of this "new to me", so I'm not sure how closely this tracks to it. But I did finally make the connection between the "kirin" and Kirin Beer. *Ahem*

With "Escaflowne", I unfortunately fell asleep halfway through, so I'll probably try to finish it tonight or tomorrow. But I was all ready to make a witty blog post afterwards about how I'm surprised they haven't all poked each other's eyes out with those noses of theirs and whatnot. Heh. Anyway, my falling asleep wasn't so much the fault of the show as much as it was that I was rather beat.

This morning, sure enough, I was able to have my usual Sunday morning back to normal with episode 21 of "Tsubasa Chronicle". Another good episode, of course. Though I'm still not as caught up in it as I wish I could be, it's still fun to watch, and I know I'll miss it when it's done for the season.

I got a little confused about the big build-up to unveiling the "bad guy" in the cloak -- I was trying to remember if he was one of the characters they already ran into or not, because they really made it seem like I was supposed to know who he was. Kind of bugged me. It's probably more of that "Yet Another CLAMP Cameo" inside-joke sort of thing. But at least it promises to reveal some more backstory, because really, that's really the meaty part of this show that keeps it from being more than just an artful mood piece, like some sort of "Meine Liebe" for 12-year-olds.

At any rate, the reports of continuing seasons must be true, because there's no way they're going to wrap this show up in another 5 episodes.

But besides more of this, and "Spider Riders" -- which I'm still not 100% sure is going to start to air in 2006 or 2007, I wonder what else is brewing for Bee Train? I don't see anything on the Fall '05 lists. And lacking a Bee Train show, what on earth am I going to watch? Oh no!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah,Seishirou is a very famous(for Clamp fans)character from Tokyo Babilon and the Clamp fandom he is very loved,but I'm not so fond of him!:P anyway,he will surely be an important part of this anime,for his link to Syaoran's past..that's why I'm looking forward to the next episode ^_^ I'm sure there will be complainings,in the fandom,about how Seishirou looks/sounds in Tsubasa,but you know what? I don't care XD I'm gonna cover my eyes if I read such comments..the voice actor suits his personality so I'm satisfied enough..and the design is good.:)I'm just wondering one thing about a part of his face,which I don't spoil you in case they'll say it in the next episode.:P What you think about the song scene? I really really liked it..because the sweet lyrics match somehow what we least in my opinion,they all need(and they're searching for)a bit of happiness and love..even Mokona,which sleep-talk about Kurogane hugging him/her(we still don't know if Mokona has a gender or not ^_^") sweet that part.And I loved creepy-Sakura walking in the street..XD And I'll really miss this anime too,when it will be over.^_^