Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Avenger" review at AnimeOnDVD

Subject: Noir
As expected, it's time for the reviews to start rolling in, and I'm sure it will be interesting to see everyone's opinions of this, uh, unusual little space opera.

As for Chris' take on this, he's definitely of mixed mind. Here's his summary:
Avenger has left me with really mixed feelings about it. The first volume took some effort to get into it but ended on a strong high note which carried over into the remainder of the show and kept us engaged and interested to see where it was going to go. The show does fail strongly with a very weak ending that I've seen people say is just open for interpretation but that generally means weak in my eyes. There is an awful lot to like in here but they just couldn't figure out how to start it right or how to end it properly. The journey itself is very engaging however and with it being the entire series in one release at an extremely affordable price, I can't help but recommend checking it out and seeing what it's all about.

He's got a couple of little mistakes and preconceptions about Bee Train in the overall review (starting off in Volk City instead of Dome City, "other Bee Train productions haven't had a lot of strong prominent male characters as involved as" Speedy, etc.). But, overall, this is a pretty fair review.


KT Kore said...

I pretty much agree with his opinion on the show except the part about "endings left open to interpretation = weak." I enjoy those types of endings depending on how they're done. Avenger didn't really give us any training wheel to help us ponder about it and draw our own opinions, so I was left feeling extemely empty with it. It's like the plot strings were there, but their locations were unknown to the viewer. If you don't know their location, you can't find them so that you can tie them together (bad analogy, I know). It literally felt like they just stopped in the middle of the series and never continued.

That said, I felt the show presented some good ideas and the pacing was good and everything felt very interesting, but I felt the ending didn't give us enough to work with and left the entire production feeling pointless.

Are their any conclusions that you were able to draw from what they gave us?

Fellini 8.5 said...

Are their any conclusions that you were able to draw from what they gave us?

Well, I'm hoping to give it a thorough watching either this weekend or next with the hope of just that. And I'm figuring on starting a thread over in the BTF Forum with my observations.

That said, based on what I've seen with the fansubs, I'm pretty certain that this was intended to be a 13-episode show all along. At least as far as the overall arc is concerned. There really wasn't enough substance overall to drag it out any further. I can't remember if I read that this was based on an existing story or not (I'm probably confusing it with a couple of others he did that were), but it definitely has a "short story" kind of feel to it.

Anyway, I still want to see if the translation illuminates any more of those "plot strings" to see what sort of tapestry they weave.

(yay analogies!)