Saturday, October 22, 2005


Subject: Noir
First up, I rewatched "Gunsmith Cats". Oddly enough, it'd been almost exactly one year since I watched it. And my opinion really hasn't changed: it's quite a lot of fun, and while I can better discern the "Layla Ashley" vibe than I would have last year, still, this was a very entertaining (if short) show. The "attention to detail" really makes it above and beyond any other plot point.

Next was "Stellvia" disc 3. It's been taking me quite a while to get through these, and it doesn't really disappoint. There's a lot of typical characterization and storyline, but the whole "save the Earth" result is quite fascinating and a bit compelling even. When the Earth is actually saved (this time, I'm sure), it's a great feeling, and the whole storyline really makes you feel it. As silly and overall "here's some more high-school kids" as the narrative might seem.

Then, "Yugo the Negotiator". Kind of a "Master Keaton" meets "Yaze no Yojimbo". I really need to give "Kaze No Yojimbo" a second chance after my early-on attempt at it, but all that said and done, "Yugo" is relatively compelling and "adult" enough that I'll see what the 2nd disc has to offer.

Finally, yet another disc full of "Twelve Kingdoms". It continues along the epic theme of the previous discs full of episodes, without resolving anything in particular, but still illuminating many little aspects of the alternate world these characters live in. It's good stuff.

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