Saturday, October 15, 2005

The end of "RahXephon"

Subject: Noir
So I finally wrapped up this one. Earlier, when I was speculating about "soul" in various series, I defined "RahXephon" as "'Evangelion' without soul".

The definition definitely sticks right through the end.

That isn't to say that "RahXephon" sucks. It's got a lot going for it. My favorite "attention to detail" is in there, there's a lot of great sci-fi imagination, and the whole music symbology is quite well done. Oh yeah, the Mayan/Aztec stuff too. But that works back into the whole "details" bit.

Still, though, it doesn't really succeed in making the characters someone I'd connect with on even the smallest level. There's a lot missing as far as the emotional authenticity that is required to make a show "mist" me up. I'm really kept at arm's length with this one, despite the obvious attempts otherwise.

It's really a shame. This show's technical prowess combined with "Evangelion's" raw presence would have made for an outstanding work of science fiction unparalled by most anything else out there.

So to wrap up, I'm very pleased that it's overall a mature show without the "super-deformations" and other silliness. The themes are very serious and quite adequately illustrated as such. It's still a bit "teenager", though -- missing a level of depth that comes with experience. That said, there's nothing wrong with that -- a show aimed at a young (but not immature) audience is quite welcome, and a strength of anime in general. But by aiming at such a small target, it doesn't quite make it to the level I would otherwise be satisfied with.

It will always be stuck in my head as "'Evangelion' without soul".

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