Friday, October 07, 2005

From "Master" to "Monster", a.k.a. "In it for the loooong haul"

Subject: Noir
I finally made it to disc 8 of "Master Keaton" this week. And there's really not much more to say that I haven't already said the previous 7 times. Including that the fact that there's not much more to say is kind of wearing me out. How many more discs of this are there again?

That said, the last two episodes on this disc involved a "Corsican syndicate". While there were no hawt blonde assassins involved, still, it was amusing to imagine this in that context. They were quite a ruthless bunch.

And then, on to the other "looong-running, what-more-can-I-say-about-it" show by the same director and creative team: "Monster" episode 63. It was another one of those neat side-eddies in the narrative, where we only tangentially hear about any of the main characters, but a lot of threads are all woven together quite tightly. Still, however, it was rather predictable and the outcome didn't provide any surprise or suspense in and of itself, but it does manage to increase the "WTF" tension level for the whole series' motivations that constantly simmer in the background. Still, even I'm getting a little tired of these "side-eddies" and would like to get down to the final conflict. Finally. Please?

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