Friday, October 28, 2005

".hack" movie CONFIRMED! "Legend of the World"

Subject: Noir
[EDIT: Read the updates below. I'm wrong, there is no confirmation.]

Ah, breaking news! Thanks to BTF member Bulmafox posting news about the ".hack//FRAGMENT" MMORPG, I noticed on the Japanese ".hack" site the following little tidbit dated today:

10.28 .hack ポータルサイト「LEGEND」に新ムービーを追加

...which Bablefish interprets as:
Adding the new movie to hack portal sight "LEGEND"

...with further non-bablefishable info in the selector's images:

(anyone able to translate that for me??)

Anyway, combine that with the previous rumors, and it looks like we can expect a Mashimo-directed movie of all things in the not-too-distant future.

Any and all further rumors, please post them here or over on BTF!!

UPDATE: It looks like "Legend of the World" is the name of that section, not the actual title of the movie. *sigh* Maybe it's time for those Japanese lessons after all.

UPDATE (1:45pm): I submitted the "scoop" to ANN, and they've apparently looked in to it a little more. They just sent me a reply email saying: "Unfortunately its not half as cool as you think :-( Check out the site in 20 minutes." Oh well, another update in 20 minutes, I guess.

UPDATE (2:00pm): Okay, they posted it... *sigh* Jumped the gun. All over the place, too.

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