Friday, October 07, 2005

Nuns with guns, poses with noses

Subject: Noir
Two short discs tonight... First up was "Escaflowne" disc 5. The saga continues, of course. And like most everything else I've been watching that is still continuing, there's nothing new to remark upon, really. Still a decent story, the characters are still remotely interesting; and, okay, I noticed one more thing: the soundtrack works pretty well in most cases. A lot of sequences that seemed almost scored for it a la an actual move. It worked rather well.

Then on to disc 4 of "Chrono Crusade". This past week, I actually caught wind of a partial spoiler: it's got a really sad and tragic ending. Watching this disc, I'm reminded that although it has the usual goofy manga-cliche comedy reactions/expressions, there's still a certain spark and edge to it that makes it actually watchable for me. So for it to take this crazy madcap madness and inject a darker layer to it isn't entirely surprising. Though I'm not convinced that the "darker layer" won't be a tad contrived. There's definitely some expose of that layer in this disc. But it's not 100% convincing. Neat. But not entirely convincing. I'll keep going with it, though.

Dissappointingly enough, both of these discs were only 3 episodes each. So now I'm done "ahead of schedule", and I'm trying to think of something else to watch. I suppose I still have last Sunday's episode of "Rome" on the DVR; I suppose that will have to do.

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