Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sans "Tsubasa"...

Subject: Noir
*Sigh*. Tuesday has gone by, and no "Tsubasa" season finale yet.

But I realized I forgot one thing in my last update: there were a couple of more episodes of "Monster" this past weekend that I caught up with, now up to ep 65. The threads are converging ever-tighter. Little facets of what the "monster" really is are coming ever-so-slightly in to focus. The story is starting to hurtle into the final stretch.

It's a long time in coming, though. I'm finding myself looking more forward to it being finished, than to actually finding out what the end will be. Maybe it's because I trust that end will be pretty good, but it's more likely that after a year and a half, it's time is up.

I wonder what's next for the director?


Anonymous said...

Monster's director? Well, I wish he starts to make the anime for "20th Century Boys", the next work from Urasawa after Monster.

I'm reading from time to time your opinion about Monster and always you finish speaking about how long is the series. You are right, 74 episodes are a lot. But it doesn't help either how much the fansubs are taking for the releases. Monster finished in Japan 3 weeks ago and we have to see 9 episodes yet. I think this is the type of series that is better to see in batches of episodes and all in a few days. Especially because of the way the story is told, with important references to earlier episodes. Oh, and there are things that are difficult to get if you don't watch it at least two times.

About the ending, I think the best warranty is that is already made in his manga form, so you can expect the original ending for this story.

Btw, if you think Monster is long you should watch the most famous Urasawa'e series: "Yawara!" with 124 episodes, 2 movies and a TVSpecial. :)

(Sorry about my poor english)


Fellini 8.5 said...

Your English is just fine. :)

Indeed, the sporadic releases and the delay are particularly feeding my (albiet minor) irritation with the show. If this were getting a consistent week-to-week release like "MADLAX" was getting, I'd probably have been glued to it.

I heard about "20th Century Boys" in the AnimeSuki "Monster" forum, but don't know much about it, as I'm not a manga reader. Sounded like a good idea to me, though!

The director of "Monster" (too lazy to look up his name right now) previously directed "Master Keaton", which I'm renting, and past in past blog entries have lamented much the same sort of thing: Great stuff, but it sure is long! Unfortunately, due to it's purely episodic nature, it doesn't lend itself as well to the "seeing it in batches of episodes"; it starts to feel repetitive. Which is kind of unfair.

I think I'll probably avoid looking into "Yawara" for a while, though... Heh.