Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"Tsubasa Chronicle" episode 26

Subject: Noir
Well, it's done. I was tempted to save it for Sunday morning, but I really didn't want to leave it hanging any more than I had to.

A good episode overall, if a bit predictable. And there really weren't any clarifications to the big mystery that's been lurking behind-the-scenes, except for a closer look at the spoiler that was all-to-evident in the episode preview seen previously. Still, a couple of well-animated moments and confirmation that we're pretty much tuned-in to our main characters by this point. Thus the "predictable" verdict, I guess.

Though the very last closing shot before the credits, that was a bit of a stab in the gut, if I interpret it correctly. I could be wrong; it could be referring to a time before Syaroan's flashback. But with the attention being paid to that particular scene in the various different shots, I get the sense that it wasn't. Which is pretty ominous.

There were a couple of other things about it overall that seemed a bit different than the previous episodes. Some of the closeup animation seemed a bit more, well, intense, I guess. Just a bit. The line-quality was a little different too. Not sure what to make of that besides the possibility that different animators got a crack at those scenes. Or maybe they were experimenting with a different technique. And the "incidental" characters, their style didn't really match the usual look that this show has; they were almost more... serious. Which made our fivesome's cartoony "landing" stick out all the more. Hmmm.

Well, enough about that, for 6 months or so. I'm rewatching them one-by-one for my morning workout. The early episodes are definitely as stiff and inactive as I remember them. But hopefully I'll pick up a new clue or two along the way.

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