Sunday, November 13, 2005

Last night...

Subject: Noir
...I didn't watch a whole lot. Got one more episode of the dub of "Avenger" out of the way so I only have disc 3 to go. I was supposed to have gotten my rental of the recently released first disc of "Gankutsuou" so I could finally see what the fuss about that one was, but it didn't show. I guess I'll watch it Monday.

In the "new-to-me" column was disc one of "NieA Under 7" -- another Yoshitoshi ABe work I'm trying in the hopes of "widening the net" for interesting series. Right off the bat, there was a lot of commonality to "Haibane Renmei" in terms of character and vibe. But then it also wound up throwing around a lot of silly, super-deformed hyperactive comedy into the mix. Which kind of annoyed me. It wasn't the usual immature stuff, but it wasn't exactly mature either. Still, there's that whole "discovering the rules of that world" thang going on, like what "Haibane Renmei" had, so there may be enough of a balance between the intriguing bits and the annoyances to get me through it. I'll give the second disc a go.

Finally, disc 2 of the "Cowboy Bebop" remix finally arrived, so I recapped a bit of disc 1, and got through part of disc 2 before I realized I was actually kind of worn out. So I'll have to revisit the episodes on disc 2 again later. It's a fun, enjoyable, immensely cool series; it's only fair that I watch it when I'm more alert.

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