Sunday, November 20, 2005

Misc. Saturday

Subject: Noir
Just a few things...

"Twelve Kingdoms" disc 6 -- I really don't want to resort to calling this show the "Twelve Boredoms", but I think this set of episodes treaded dangerously in to that territory. It could have something to do with my moodiness of late, but it probably has just as much to do with the fact that it's starting another long arc, and I'm feeling like there's nothing really interesting happening. The machinations of the plot are getting a little too intricate and I'm really not hooked in to seeing where it's all heading. No biggie, I guess; I'm too far invested to drop it now, but I guess this is a warning to anyone starting: It gets slow.

(Thank you Captain Obvious!)

"Chrono Crusade" disc 6 -- the setup for the "final battle", I would venture to guess. The comedy is pretty much gone entirely now, and the show kicks into an insane jumble of magical battles, possessed characters, and "where the heck did that come from??" flashbacks. Don't get me wrong; it's lively stuff, but it's really pushing the absurdity envelope. Well, moreso than the show itself has been doing to this point, I guess. Again, maybe it was my mood, but it really felt all over the map. Almost like the writers were winging it by the time they got to this episode or something. The last disc will be coming soon so I can get it over with. We'll see how it finishes.

"Irresponsible Captain Tylor: An Exceptional Episode" (OVA disc 1) -- Yeah, I bought the OVA boxset that just came out. Despite my earlier dismay at finding out that the latter episodes weren't Mashimo-directed at all, the first OVA (2 45-minute episodes) was, in fact, his work. He even wrote and storyboarded it. And my original review of this one pretty much stands. Captain Dom was too emotional, and the beginning seemed a bit off, but overall, it was a far more "authentic" Tylor experience than the rest of it.

Oh, and in that old review, I made the mistake of thinking "Roman Holiday" was by Billy Wilder, when it was in fact by William Wyler. Quite a dumbarse mistake for so-called film-school grad. But in my defense, my professors were more in to the independent and experimental stuff, and so my knowledge of classic Hollywood is rather lacking.

Hmm, y'know, I actually bought "Roman Holiday" during the last DVD sale. *Looks at DVD shelf* Hmmm....

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