Sunday, November 06, 2005


Subject: Noir
Not much if any new ground broken this week in the "watching" realm. Which I guess has me kind of listless and irritated. Which is why I haven't been particularly inspired to write about it. So, at least, here's a quick run-down:

"Mushihi" episode 2 -- still good stuff, a neat exposition of another aspect of the story's universe, but overall, mellow and ambient as far as tone goes. In other words, I'm not exactly on the edge of my seat over it or anything. Still, it may be the only show this season I'll probably wind up sticking with.

"Escaflowne" disc 6 -- after the intial episode filled with excessive "bad guy" monologue to explain the crux of the conflict, it managed to salvage itself enough to keep some semblance of forward momentum. Though it did tend to go a bit more deeply into to the whole game of "who loves who" and the awkwardness that tends to go along with it, I didn't find it particularly off-putting like I normally would. In fact, I think the writing and the characters' performances really kept it from being entirely trite or boring. Still, though; no great breakthrough for me as far as developing any attachment for the show beyond just continuing to rent it.

"Chrono Crusade" disc 5 -- Not much more to say about this one either, except that it continued to tip it's balance from comedy to drama, little by little. It gets a little darker, and a little tiny bit more serious. But, as with "Escaflowne", nothing about it is particularly making me feel like doing anything more than renting it at the pace that I am now.

That's about it... I'm in the middle of going through "Avenger" with the English dub in order to try and hopefully inspire what I want to write about it a little more. But despite my previous "neutrality" about the dub, I'm finding that it's starting to grate on me a little bit. In a lot of spots, it's like the VAs were just phoning it in, so to speak. Kind of like "let's hurry up and dub this so we can release it and move on to the next thing". At any rate, I can only take that dub in small doses.

Or maybe it's just that I've been in such an irritated mood. Hmm, that may be more likely...

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