Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The other animation

Subject: TV
So a new TV season got underway, and that means more new American cartoons, for once.

I've been watching "The Simpsons" since day 1, of course. So, it's been a little hard to watch it these last few years. The rewarding moments have gotten fewer and farther between. It's still not an entirely unredeemable show yet. But I definitely just DVR it and watch it whenever; I don't wait anxiously for Sunday at 8pm like I used to.

And speaking of which, I've also been watching "King of the Hill" since it started. And though a lot of people don't like it, I really enjoy it. Though I also think it's getting a little long-in-the-tooth. Rather predictable. But it'll be on the DVR right along with "The Simpsons" until the day they give up.

I occassionally pick up, and then drop, and then pick up again, "Family Guy". There's some outrageously funny bits there, and then there's just some plain ol' stupid stuff. I watched this past weekend's "FCC" episode, the first one I've seen in a while, and, well, yeah. Some funny bits, some stupid stuff. But I'll probably let it start accumulating on my DVR again, at least.

Finally, an actual new cartoon for once: "The Boondocks". I've been reading Aaron MacGruder's comic strip for a while now. Growing up a white, suburban New Englander doesn't provide me with 100% of the context I'm sure would help me with some of the references, but I still find it pretty funny anyhow. And the cartoon has a lot of promise as well.

The style and characterizations are excellently executed; they're using a very anime-like shading which sets it apart from most other American work. The animation varies from really good to some slightly stilted "shortcuts". The acting will take a little getting used to, especially the boys' voices (both voiced by the same woman), and the grandfather's character isn't quite what I expected. And the writing? While some of it is a little surprising at first, and I'm sure some of it is more over my head than I realize, it really was very funny.

So I'm looking forward to where this one is going.

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