Sunday, November 13, 2005


Subject: Noir
"Meine Liebe" episode 13 is out!

Back in February, I posted my observations about the series. With the translations bringing the elusive explainations of the "motovations" (and "whatnot"), I can't say that I've gained any particular increase in satisfaction with the series. It seems to be another case of the literal narrative playing a secondary role to whatever else it was that Mashimo was trying to acheive here. I speculate that it's probably a character-study more than anything, and there's probably a bit of experimentation with technique.

But unlike my experience with "MADLAX" the other night, I'm not particularly hooked here at all. And with regards to the sequel, it's not even going to be Mashimo's, so my enthusiasm about it isn't entirely, uh, enthusiastic.

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