Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey-day marathon

Subject: Cinema
Back when I used to live in an apartment in the city, I had started my own Thanksgiving Day tradition of cooking a turkey and the basic fixin's that my mom usually makes (simple, kind of bland, but comforting). My own special ingredient, though, was to get a bit intoxicated, and then rip into the turkey in a sort of primal kind of feast.

Lots of fun, really. Which I haven't really had since I moved into this house, because the oven never worked, and I didn't bother replacing it until my remodelling project back at the beginning of the year.

I've been looking forward to "Turkey Day" ever since.

Of course, way back then, "Mystery Science Theatre" was still on at a regular basis, and they would yearly have their "Turkey Day Marathon" (because the awful films they showed were "turkeys"... get it??? *ahem*). Now, I have a number of "MST3K" DVDs, but frankly, I wanted to try to get a new tradition underway. This time, with the three extended-edition version of "Lord of the Rings".

It's quite a lot of film to slog through. And overall, I can't say that it's my most favorite series of movies. But something about it make me associate it with a holiday feast like I'm about to partake in (another hour roasting in the oven... tick... tick... tick... mmmmmmm...).

I guess I'm also conciously trying to avoid anime at this point. At least for these couple of days. Because I think I've been overloading on it a bit, so I want to take a break with a range of the "real people" variety.

So, I'm about halfway through the trilogy at this point. But, I really don't have a comment about the films themselves. They are what they are. Maybe when I get through the whole thing I'll have an observation or two, but right now, I guess I'm just going to keep watching into the night, and chow down on turkey and stuffing like it's the last food on earth.

Mmmm. Stuffing.

UPDATE: Mmmm, tryptophan... I can't make it to part 3, I just can't. It's too much. I'm going to bed early (and stuffed!)

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