Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ex Post Holidus

Subject: TV
(Uh, okay, "holidus" probably isn't real Latin... And I've probably conjugated it wrong... but you know what I mean)

Just a quick rundown of the Christmas specials I managed to watch (after locating them on the Great Global VCR aka Bittorrent *grin*):

"The Boondocks: A Huey Freedman Christmas" -- a laugh-out-loud parody of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" if there ever was one, complete with a guest appearance by Quincy Jones, and a shopping-mall Santa getting smacked up the head with a chair. And, of course, some preachy elements, of which "Charlie Brown" was full of as well. All-in-all, a smart show -- not perfect, but still one of the best things on American TV right now.

The "Doctor Who" Christmas special -- speaking of American TV, this won't be found on it any time soon. This hour-long episode introduces us to the latest regeneration of the Doctor -- and a younger, smarmier regeneration at that. I'm not sure I dig it as much as the previous, but there's still hope that it'll be better television than most everything else that's on. All-in-all, the creepiest Christmas special ever.

"Robot Chicken" -- okay, yeah, they had a Christmas special too, with a "Dragonball Z" / "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" crossover. Funny stuff. I wouldn't say "brilliant", but with the shotgun approach of rapid-fire pop-culture references aimed at the 30-something demographic, I can't help but catch something to laugh at.

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