Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy "Noir" Year, redux

Subject: Noir
As per my new tradition (started last year), I'm about to commence Yet Another Marathon of my dearly beloved "Noir".

I can pretty much replay each episode in my head at this point, so I don't expect to uncover any previously-missed details, or gain any brilliant new insights. But that's not the point of it anymore; the point is to have fun!

And so I shall. *grin*

Whether or not I post updates along the way, or even if I can make it all the way through in one night (it's 4pm now, and it'll take me nearly 12 hours... Yikes!) will depend on a number of factors -- if by "factors" I mean "bottles of Guinness". So I'll preemptively post my New Year's best wishes to all of you now.

Luck and peace in 2006!

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