Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Missing the point entirely.

Subject: Noir
So I come home to this thread on AnimeOnDVD. And now I'm fuming angry.

If you haven't seen "MADLAX" yet, don't click that link. Because there's a huge spoiler for disc 6. I mean, the hugest of huge spoilers of one of the most brilliantly executed things in the whole shebang.

And if it was just some schmoe posting it accidentally, well, it wouldn't be a big deal, because someone could go back and wrap it in the appropriate tags. But what this turns out to be is an ADV rep posting a blurb from the official release contents of disc 6. Listing an extra that is going to be on disc 6. The title of which spoils the entire f*ing thing!!!


Okay, 6 hours on the highway stuck behind mo-rons who park themselves in the passing lane has me irritated enough as it is. But this... *grrrrr*


Anonymous said...

Oh I wanted to read your original post on the AnimeOnDVD forums. why have you edited it? ^^;

Anyway, yeah, it's downright stupid to have ADV do that! They shouldn't have named that particular extra in such an obvious way! It must be really frustrating for those who haven't watched it yet, to be guessing it like that. It was one of those things you never saw coming and that's why it was so emotionally effective in the series! :(

Oh well, as much as I don't wanna bash ADV I have to say... Damn you ADV, shame on you!!! :(

*** MartAnimE

maromi said...

That's ridiculous. While I'm not too upset about this revelation due to the fact that I've finished the series, I've been spoiled on many important deaths in anime series, most of which happening to my favorite characters. It's not fun, I know.

But, I'd say that that isn't as bad as if they were to spoil a certain scene in episode 21. That one(I'm sure you know which I'm talking about) is, in my opinion, the greatest moment of the series.