Friday, December 09, 2005

Mr. F*ing detail-oriented...

Subject: Noir I missed a few details in the earlier "MADLAX" discs...

I started tonight's mini-marathon with disc 3, and a couple of things leapt out at me that, out of all the times I've seen these episodes before, I never quite noticed.

At the beginning of episode 9, Madlax meets up with Luciano in the construction crane, with the blinking red light. For some reason, I kept thinking that it was at Madlax's apartment. The blinking red light, though... Watch it closely, and you'll see what it stands for. Never noticed it before.

Then there's the whole deal about just who hired Luciano to knock off Carrousuer at the hotel in the first place. I never quite thought about it before, but, dangit, it was Kuanjitta!! Just watch the whole end sequence of that episode; the whole business of "a light has gone out" or whatever the heck that was.

(Of course, later on, Kuanjitta seems a bit surprised about Carrousuer's identity as someone who has "the gift"... it doesn't quite fit. But after the event itself, it's pretty obvious who did it. Just watch and see.)

There was one more thing in episode 10 that led me to interrupt my little marathon here, but I can't remember. Oh well. I guess I'll have to share my insight next time. But I seem to remember that it was quite a startlingly interesting factoid. Oh well...

Now it's time to finally, finally start disc 5. Hooray!

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