Thursday, December 29, 2005

A quick rewatch

Subject: Noir
I've been rewatching a couple of things this week since I got back, but I thought I'd comment briefly about the boxset of "Haibane Renmei".

I wrapped up my observations about the series a couple of months ago, and I don't have an awful lot to add; I think that post really summed it up pretty well. Additionally, there's a poignancy and authenticity to the feelings that are expressed. The authenticity is especially strong in the revelations about Rakka's & Reiki's past; an authenticity that belies some small amount of experience in facing the subject at hand.

The best part about that is that there isn't a trite, simplistic conclusion to be drawn from it. It's simple, yes, but not simplistic. Where redemption comes from, where forgiveness comes from, and the role that "asking for help" plays; the questions aren't explicity answered, but the feelings are true and simple, and ultimately satisfactory. The narrative "facts" and trivial details are small, secondary players in comparison.

Anyway, it's a contemplative work, for sure. I probably won't need to rewatch it for a while, but I'm glad I have it for when the mood strikes me.

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