Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hitting every note...

Subject: Noir
Go figure. I was rather anxious in the time leading up to this marathon; I thought maybe I might wind up bored or otherwise disenchanted because I tried to watch "Noir" one too many times.

Not a chance. Thankfully.

As imperfect a show that it is, every moment, every note, hit it's mark, and kept me going. I needed a quick break and a little bit of caffeine to make it, but that did the trick, and now, exactly 11 1/2 hours later, I've made another trip through my absolutely most favorite show ever. And I'm so happy.

And sad. The next time I'll watch this probably won't be until my "Noir-iversary" in May. I miss it already, and it's only been 20 minutes.

Last year, I posted the Kirei na Kanjou lyrics from the English subtitles. This year, I'll leave you with the Romanji:

Sotto furerarete
Kono hoho no tsumetasa ni yatto kizuita
Asa me ga samete
Tori no koe ni hajimete kizuku you ni
Mada shiranai nani mo
Kokoro ga motometeru mono
Shiranai no
Sora bakari mite ita
Itsu kara kou shite
Ano kumo no mashita e omoi o tobashite


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