Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hot Bee Train updates: "Spider Riders" and ".hack//G.U."

Subject: Noir
I've been getting a few search engine hits lately regarding "Spider Riders", so I've summed up my "reporting" to date in a thread over on Bee Train Fan. Including some additional not-on-the-blog info about one of the names that came up associated with the project, and his involvement on another, shall we say, "controversial" project.

Then I noticed some of today's hits were coming from Japan, so I Bablefished over on Moonphase, and found the "official" entry for not only "Spider Riders", but a new entry for an anime based on the game ".hack/G.U.". I've got that info over in this post, with a followup translation clarification from the Dothackers forum.

All of this is as of yesterday, so I expect there'll be some more of you visiting and looking for information. I'd very much appreciate any additional information you might have to share -- rumors, speculation, facts; it's all good! Post it in the comments here or over on Bee Train Fan.

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