Sunday, January 22, 2006

More from the watchin' files

Subject: Noir
The variety in my anime consumption has been pretty low lately, like I've said. But a couple more rental discs showed up in time for Saturday night, so I didn't need to keep rewatching "Eva". Better for my brain to space those out a little more, I think.

I started off with disc 4 of "Stellvia", and I had to try and remember why on earth I was actually watching this show. As it went on, there were a couple of interesting story bits, but I dunno... I guess after the build-up to the first big event finished, there isn't as much to hang on to. I think I might just drop this one.

Next up was disc 2 of "Yugo the Negotiator". Not too bad, in that I like the details and the overall "grown-up-ness" of it, but the storyline gets a tad simplistic and the characters don't really evolve much beyond their stereotypes.

Finally, I caught episode 13 of "Noein", which wasn't too bad, but it did seem to be a bit awkward after the buildup to the big fight in episode 12. Otherwise, not much to say about it, and I'm probably not going to drop it yet.

That's about it...

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