Friday, January 20, 2006

Now I know I've been watching too much of this stuff...

Subject: Noir
I'm kind of out of stuff to watch, of late (this week's GreenCine shipment is a little late), so I figured it's been about a year since I watched the beginning of "Evangelion", and popped in disc 1. I'm in the middle of it right now.

While watching, I was mentally working up some ideas about what difference it makes what character a viewer identifies with can have on the overall experience. Right now, I'm pretty much in the Misato camp -- probably due to my age. But that's kind of besides the point...

Listening to Misato, I realized that her voice was really, really, REALLY familiar.

"Oh, you mean you didn't know?" is probably what you're asking.

*Sigh*. No, I didn't. But a quick look at ANN told me everything.

Misato is voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi, who is (and will always be in my heart): Mireille Bouquet.


Well, and Odette Bouquet (*double-sigh*). And Margaret's mother from "MADLAX" (though I didn't make that connection until looking it up just now).

I didn't know that she's 2 months younger than me.

And I have no idea why ANN would have the fact that her blood-type is "A". Kind of creepy if you ask me...

Anyway, I guess I learn something new every day. As trivial as it is...


Anonymous said...

"Listening to Misato, I realized that her voice was really, really, REALLY familiar."

"Oh, you mean you didn't know?" (sorry, I couldn't stop myself :p )

Well, I actually have the habit to check those details out. The seiyu (voice actor) phenomenon is actually quite popular among anime fans. I sometimes am even induced to check out certain anime shows because of the curiosity of certain voice actors staring in it! ^^;

"And I have no idea why ANN would have the fact that her blood-type is "A". Kind of creepy if you ask me..."

Blood type is actually a big deal for the japanese! It supposedely tells a lot about the person in question. Kinda like the importance we give to zodiacal signs I would assume... ^^

*** MartAnimE

Matrim said...

You really didn't know? It took me quite a whiel to actually remember some voice actors names but nowadays I am really interested in that. I sometimes even find myself stopping an episode in the middle and checking on ANN whether I have guessed the seiyuu. :) Kotono Mitsuishi is amazing, probably my favourite anime voice actor. And as diverse as her abilities are she will always remain Mireille Bouquet for me too.

Fellini 8.5 said...

Oddly enough, it's pretty rare for me to catch a voice actor in a different context, even in American cartoons. I'm pretty susceptible to "suspension of disbelief" and usually accept the whole illusion rather easily.

There have been a couple of other occasions where I caught what I thought was a familiar voice, but I was wrong. The only one I did get was the voice of Friday Monday was also the voice of the White Knight in "Popliocrois Story". But his voice is kind of unique, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Please don't shoot me but... Mireille is the only character in the long and legendary career of Mitsuishi who I was ever disappointed by. That show just focussed on the wrong two characters; Chloe and Altena were much more complex and had more agency in the story.

Mitsuishi is absolutely the bomb though - maybe my expectations had just gotten too high by the time I saw Noir. Misato is my favorite character, in part because she is one of the few heroines in shonen anime allowed to be an adult, and I think it's KM's finest performance. Did you know that "Mireille" was also the voice of the title roles in Sailor Moon and Excel Saga?