Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A brief bit o' anime for the week

Subject: Noir
There were a number of fansub episodes released of late for the series I'm watching, and I mostly caught up with them.

"Mushishi" ep 11 -- Continues along its deliberate, calm pace with another fable, and it exposes another neat layer to the whole mythology. I think it's going to be wrapping up soon, though.

"Meine Liebe, Weider" ep 1 -- It was posted while I was feeling ill, so I didn't announce it like I did with the first series. I'm probably going to follow this one for a while at least, since I'm curious to see where Mashimo's B-team takes this one. It hasn't varied from the designs or voices at all. The fansub was a bit washed-out, but I'm guessing the art is pretty similar. The animation seems a bit cheaper, and I definitely didn't get the sense of all that flying-around that I like from Mashimo's usual stuff. Though there was definitely a lot of jumping around as we go from location to location to "catch up" with what da boyz are up to. And, from the get-go, it seems that a nefarious plot is afoot. Oh, and there was talking. Lots of talking. Kind of shoveling in the backstory with the narrative. Anyway, we'll see where this one goes.

"Kamichu" is back with 3 more episodes, of which I only got through up to 7. Though the little charming bits are still charming, I'm kind of losing interest. It's a bit too sweet for me. I dunno, maybe it can be my casual Sunday breakfast show again for a while.

I tried and dropped "REC" rather quickly. It was kind of amusing that the movie they went to see was "Roman Holiday" (what's with that?!), but beyond that there's no redeeming value to it for me.

One of the groups dusted off an old-skool series, "Queen Millennia". Absolutely interesting to see the animation and character styles, and how much that reminds me of what few shows I actually saw way back then. I'll stick with it a bit and see where it takes me. I noticed they had a bunch of other old-skool stuff on their tracker, so I might take some time browsing some more.

Finally, I just got around to episode 14 of "Noein" -- I swear, that show still refuses to be any one particular thing. And that's growing on me. This particular episode had some neat little moments to it, as well. So I guess it hasn't lost me yet.

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